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RIP Plough Lane
By David Pickles

Yesterday, Saturday March 25, 2017 and today, Sunday March 26, 2017, are the two very LAST events at our beloved Plough Lane Stadium, Wimbledon. Saturday is the last dog meeting, and Sunday is the last ever motorsport event since 1928 at the famous old oval. Stock Cars, and Banger Racing bow out this worldwide venue in 2017.

Thanks to greed of Football, AFC Wimbledon in particular, and the failure of the London Mayor to understand the history of the place, the venue of not just the Greyhound Derby, but more importantly to us speedway fans, the Wimbledon Dons, The Internationale and the Daily Express Spring Classic, will be no more when you get to read this.

I was proud to have resurrected the Dons in 1987 and led them as Chairman for a year. I was proud of those I left behind who kept the famous Dons going unil 1991. We have all played our part.

Now all we can do is mourn the fact that greedy football, and politicians have once again ground our beloved sport of speedway into the dirt.

RIP Wimbledon Plough Lane.


This article was first published on 26th March 2017

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