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The BLRC 1970
By Tracy Holmes

Belle Vue, October 17. The Swinging 60s were over and the Sensational 70s were in full flight. Comeback master, Ronnie Moore made his debut in this Classic and Nigel Boocock was able to line up again, despite injuries from a horror crash in the Brandonapolis a few weeks earlier.

FRANK MACLEAN tells us all about the night for Speedway Star;

'Barry Briggs roared to his sixth successive BLRC to make history before the 25,000 fans at the Belle Vue stadium, Manchester on Saturday night. But the bustling Barry didn't have it all his own way this time for he was forced into a decider against Anders Michanek and Eric Boocock after the top trio had completed five rides with 13 points. And Michanek's persistent challenge in a thrilling run-off for the big money didn't permit Barry a chance of claiming his 1970 Title right up to the very last yard of that race. Mind you, Barry did have the look of a champion after disposing of Ronnie Moore and Martin Ashby in his second ride but the contest was certainly blown wide open when a shock defeat by Michanek and Eric Boocock staggered the Swindon rider in heat 10. Then a bit of luck for Barry in Heat 13 when World Champion Ivan Mauger suffered exclusion for breaking the tapes.'

So, the mighty Briggo, a track colossus made it 6 in a row! An amazing achievement that pays tribute to the 4 time Champion of the World. Was Anders Michanek told to 'pig off' just before the run-off? See the snap in your 'The Champions Book of Speedway No 2', page 110. Just what is Briggo saying? And study Anders reaction. Magic son, magic!

Ronnie Moore made a wonderful impression only dropping 3 points to Briggs, Mauger and Michanek. And Nigel Boocock could also walk away with his head held high, a total of 10 points and helping brother Eric into that run-off.

But the night belonged to Briggo, BLRC number 6. Could this ever be equaled or broken? Not even in the mix!!!!!!


Heat 1. MOORE, E Boocock, Persson, Nygren.
Heat 2. Michanek, N Boocock, Olsen, Ashby.
Heat 3. BRIGGS, Eide, Monk, Betts.
Heat 4. MAUGER, Airey, Holmqvist, Wilson.
Heat 5. Airey, Michanek, Eide, Nygren.
Heat 6. E Boocock, Olsen, MAUGER, Betts.
Heat 7. N Boocock, Wilson, Persson, Monk.
Heat 8. BRIGGS, MOORE, Ashby, Holmqvist.
Heat 9. Monk, Olsen, Nygren, Holmqvist.
Heat 10. Michanek, E Boocock, BRIGGS, Wilson.
Heat 11. MAUGER, Eide, Ashby, Persson.
Heat 12. MOORE, Airey, N Boocock, Betts.
Heat 13. BRIGGS, N Boocock, Levai. Nygren. MAUGER ex/tapes
Heat 14. E Boocock, Ashby, Airey, Monk.
Heat 15. Michanek, Betts, Persson, Holmqvist.
Heat 16. MOORE, Wilson, Eide, Olsen.
Heat 17. Ashby, Betts, Wilson, Nygren.
Heat 18. E Boocock, N Boocock, Eide, Holmqvist.
Heat 19. BRIGGS, Persson, Airey, Olsen.
Heat 20. MAUGER, Michanek, MOORE, Monk.
1st place run-off. BRIGGS, Michanek, E Boocock.


BARRY BRIGGS Swindon 13. Anders Michanek Newcastle 13. Eric Boocock Halifax 13. RONNIE MOORE Wimbledon 12. IVAN MAUGER Belle Vue 10. Nigel Boocock Coventry 10. Jim Airey Sheffield 9. Martin Ashby Exeter 7. Reider Eide Wembley 7. Ray Wilson Leicester 5. Ole Olsen Wolverhampton 5. Bernt Persson Cradley Heath 5. Charlie Monk Glasgow 4. Terry Betts Kings Lynn 4. Olle Nygren West Ham 1. Hasse Holmqvist Oxford 1. Res Sandor Levai Newport 1. Res Garry Middleton Hackney dnr. Res Gordon Gausco Poole dnr.


This article was first published on 2nd August 2020

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