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The BLRC 1972
By Tracy Holmes

At Belle Vue on October 21, Wolverhampton mega-star, Ole Olsen put on a Master Chef, Master Class. He chased Martin Ashby for two laps in Round 1 before passing with the magnificence of Peter Craven. He repeated that in Round 2 taking the World Pairs Champions, Terry Betts and Ray Wilson.

Swindon's Martin Ashby came into the meeting as a replacement for the injured Barry Briggs. And what a replacement! Second to Olsen in Heat 3 followed by four immaculate wins.

In the programme, Briggs had this to say, "It should be Ivan or Ole but Martin won't let Swindon down. He's as good a rider as any of them."

Wimbledon skipper Ronnie Moore was the next Ace in the pack. Beaten only by Olsen and Ashby, it was a fantastic farewell to his 'second' career as a professional league rider.

And what of the World Champion? Ivan Mauger started as expected but an engine failure against Ashby and Moore in Heat 9 saw his night cream crackered. Heat 16 was his clash with Olsen and Bernt Persson, who broke the tapes. In the re-run, Olsen took him on the second turn and that was that. The record books say 'Mauger engine failure' but many spectators agree that Ivan just quit. I really can't work that out. "Well no-one's asking you to try!"


Heat 1. Michanek, Lofqvist, Jansson. Persson ef
Heat 2. MAUGER, Betts, Kilby, Haley.
Heat 3. Olsen, Ashby, Louis, E Boocock.
Heat 4. MOORE, Middelton, N Boocock, Wilson.
Heat 5. Olsen, Betts, Wilson, Lofqvist.
Heat 6. MAUGER, Middelton, E Boocock, Jansson.
Heat 7. Ashby, Michanek, Haley. N Boocock ef
Heat 8. MOORE, Persson, Louis, Kilby.
Heat 9. Ashby, MOORE, Lofqvist. MAUGER ef
Heat 10. Louis, Betts, Jansson, N Boocock.
Heat 11. Olsen, Middelton, Michanek, Kilby.
Heat 12. Persson, Wilson, E Boocock, Haley.
Heat 13. Louis, Middelton, Lofqvist, Haley.
Heat 14. Ashby, Wilson, Jansson, Kilby.
Heat 15. MOORE, Michanek, Betts, E Boocock.
Heat 16. Olsen, McMillan, N Boocock. MAUGER nf. Persson ex/tapes
Heat 17. Lofqvist, Kilby, E Boocock, N Boocock.
Heat 18. Olsen, MOORE, Jansson, Haley.
Heat 19. Louis, MAUGER, Michanek, Wilson.
Heat 20. Ashby, Betts, Persson, Middelton.


Ole Olsen Wolverhampton 15. Martin Ashby Swindon 14. RONNIE MOORE Wimbledon 13. John Louis Ipswich 11. Anders Michanek Reading 9. Terry Betts Kings Lynn 9. IVAN MAUGER Belle Vue 8. Garry Middelton Oxford 8. Christer Lofqvist Poole 7. Bernt Persson Cradley Heath 6. Ray Wilson Leicester 5. Bengt Jansson Hackney 4. Bob Kilby Exeter 3. Eric Boocock Halifax 3. Nigel Boocock Coventry 2. Arnold Haley Sheffield 1. Res Jim McMillan Glasgow 1. Res Tony Clarke Newport dnr. BARRY BRIGGS Swindon q inj ns.


This article was first published on 16th August 2020

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