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The Internationale 1968
By Tracy Holmes

Wimbledon, June 3 sees Nigel Boocock become the first Englishman to win The Best in Smoking, Wills Internationale.

Unbeaten as he had to be, beating Bengt Jansson in their last race decider. Heat 19 had them together, both on 12 points along with two opponents on ten points, Barry Briggs and Sverre Harrfeldt. A Spag-Boll of Speculations but Nigel 'blue' them all away with an emphatic victory and 17,000 acclaimed his wonderful performance. The brand new JAP Speedway bike, fresh from the showroom floor, all his.

An impressive double figure debut by the young Dane Ole Olsen, surely one to look out for. Not a happy night for the Kiwis on parade. Despite 3 wins for Briggo, getting close would not have meant anything to him. And for Ivan Mauger, a bad day at the office.


Heat 1. Nygren, Harrfeldt, Airey, Wilson.
Heat 2. N Boocock, McKinlay, MAUGER. Kasper ef.
Heat 3. Jansson, Hedge, Betts, Trigg.
Heat 4. BRIGGS, Harrysson, Olsen, E Boocock.
Heat 5. Hedge, Nygren, BRIGGS, Kasper.
Heat 6. N Boocock, E Boocock, Airey, Trigg.
Heat 7. Olsen, Harrfeldt, Betts, MAUGER.
Heat 8. Jansson, McKinlay, Wilson. Harrysson fall/ex
Heat 9. N Boocock, Ashby, Nygren, Betts. Harrysson inj ns
Heat 10. Jansson, Olsen, Airey, Kasper.
Heat 11. Harrfeldt, McKinlay, Hedge. E Boocock fall.
Heat 12. BRIGGS, MAUGER, Trigg, Wilson.
Heat 13. Jansson, Nygren, MAUGER, E Boocock.
Heat 14. BRIGGS, Betts, McKinlay, Airey.
Heat 15. Harrfeldt, Luckhurst, Trigg. Kasper ef. Harrysson inj ns
Heat 16. N Boocock, Olsen, Hedge, Wilson.
Heat 17. Nygren, Olsen, Trigg, McKinlay.
Heat 18. Hedge, Ashby, Airey, MAUGER. Harrysson inj ns
Heat 19. N Boocock, Jansson, BRIGGS, Harrfeldt.
Heat 20. Betts, Wilson, E Boocock, Kasper.


Nigel Boocock 15. Bengt Jansson 14. Olle Nygren 11. BARRY BRIGGS 11. Sverre Harrfeldt 10. Trevor Hedge 10. Ole Olsen 10. Terry Betts 7. Ken McKinlay 7. IVAN MAUGER 4. Jim Airey 4. Res Martin Ashby 4. Ray Wilson 3. Roy Trigg 3. Eric Boocock 3. Torbjorn Harrysson 2. Res Reg Luckhurst 2. Antonin Kasper 0.


This article was first published on 23rd February 2020

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