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DVD Review: Speedway in the 70s

Speedway in Britain has arguably enjoyed three 'Golden Ages' - the initial thrill of the first few years, the post-war boom and the 1970s. The most recent of these eras is the subject of a fantastic new DVD - Speedway in the 70s.

The double-DVD takes us back to the days when kids could hang over the safety fence, riders could roll at the start and races would continue while injured riders lie on the track. At the start of the decade we were still watching Ove Fundin, by the end Kenny Carter was beginning to make his mark. Truly a remarkable ten years and one well worth revisiting via this enjoyable stroll through the decade.

A mixture of classic video action, interviews and pictures tell the story in year-by-year fashion. The focus is on both the international and the domestic - World Finals, League Championships and Knock-Out cups are all covered. Footage from World of Sport (including Dave Lanning commentary) is mixed with Cine footage from tracks like Newcastle, Boston and Canterbury. Interviews with the big names from the decade are featured extensively throughout - Olsen, Mauger, Collins, Briggs, Michanek, Lee and many, many others.

Those who purchased a previous Retro-Speedway DVD - "World Finals of the 70s" - may find some overlap and indeed duplication between the products. Rest assured there's more than enough additional content in this one to justify adding it to the DVD rack.

This is a DVD with widespread appeal and will appeal to current fans of the sport and also those we've lost over the last few decades. It's a pity that it's unlikely to be shown on one of the many of satellite television channels that now exist, it might just reawaken interest amongst some couch potatoes out there.

You can see a preview of the DVD on Retro-Speedway.com

How To Order

By Phone : 01708 734 502

By Post : Send a cheque for £16 (payable to Retro Speedway) (add £2.50 if outside UK) to:

Retro Speedway
103 Douglas Road
RM11 1AW

Online : At Retro-Speedway.com


This article was first published on 26th August 2012


  • Duncan Pemberton:

    "I cannot recommend this dvd enough. watched it on my own and was whisked back that brilliant era when the sport and riders was so important to me. Fantastic stuff "

  • Dudley Jones:

    "I received my copy a week ago, together with the Hackney DVD ordered at the same time. I have watched the 70's DVD during the past week and I have to say that it is superb. Hours of good quality material. I have various broadcast video on VHS that I mean to copy, but this package is a dream. So much of my life is here on these two DVDs, surely a must for all who shared the 1970's with me on the terraces.I take Classic Speedway, and read every word, and I have several of the recent DVD releases (West Ham, Rayleigh, etc), but this is the best yet. Classic Speedway is, in my book, both an institution and a public service to all true speedway enthusiasts.Well done, and roll on Speedway in the 60's, 80's etc."

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