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Dream Team : Steve Rayner

Swindon Speedway. Started about 1976 but after watching The Robins v Eatbourne in the early 80's it felt very predictable (I think most of the races were 3-3). Girlfriends, houses, beer took over and I went a couple of times in mid 90's. Started to get really back into it in the last 5-6 years


Bruce Penhall
Simply the best rider ever. Mostly unbeatable at home and away. He was also a gentleman on and off. Always fair.

Tony Rickardsson
What can you say about this man? Graceful on the bike. Totally unbeatable when completely on fire. Six world championships tells it own story.

Leigh Adams
Class. Has been a Swindon asset for many years and has sometimes single handedly carried the team. Probably the smoothest rider ever in the history of the sport. I can remember seeing him in one of his first matches and thinking he was too small and flimsy for a bike that size...how wrong can you be!

Steve Gresham
Came with a reputation from Bristol (with Phil Crump)and won the Swindon crowd over. His off the track antics and his ability on other motor vehicles was astounding. A complete entertainer and crowd pleaser.

Jan Andersson
I remember going to my first meeting and seeing his name in the program with R/R next to it. People kept saying how good he was and it took another couple of months before I would believe them as we waited for him to return from injury. My only thoughts at the time was "He cant be that good he is only No.4", obviously having no concept of how the numbers reflected the riders. Talented swede who in my eyes along with Leigh Adams is the best rider never to win the world title.

Geoff Bouchard
A battling rider who never set the track on fire but always gave 100%. I best remember his 15 point maximum at reserve and him getting the bumps at the end of the meeting. I also remember his big old Citreon with two bikes hanging on the back. That was the way it was in them days.

Malcolm Holloway
The Mad Wellie. One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Always would let you have a chat or give an autograph. As a 9/10 year old the first person you would try and find in the pits was Malc cause you would go back to your mum and dad with something he said or a face he had pulled.

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This article was first published on 21st September 2006

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