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The 2004 Rule Book

Thanks to BSPA chairman Stuart Hall (above) we have exclusive access to the 2004 rule book. Here is section 3.12.3 - Farcical Substitutions. - Liquid Gold
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then they may nominate a rider to take a 'Liquid Gold' race. A transparent plastic cylinder will be fitted to the rear mudguard and filled with water. At the end of four laps the remaining contents of the cylinder will be measured by the machine examiner. Points will be awarded based on the percentage of water still within the cylinder. A maximum of five points (in addition to race points) can be scored. The 'Liquid Gold' may be used only once per meeting. - Team Re-declaration
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then they may re-declare their team. The meeting will be delayed until new riders are signed and given reasonable time to travel to the stadium/country. During this intermission the home promoter should stage entertainment for the public - we suggest that the raffle and a couple of interviews should suffice. The newly declared team cannot contain any riders already in the side but must still conform to the 45 point limit. Riders from the opposition side may be signed only if they have already completed their programmed rides. This ruling can be used only once per meeting in League meetings. An experiment will be run in the KO Cup which will allow this ruling to be utilised three times per meeting. - Costume Change
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then they may nominate a rider who will dress up as a Giant in the next race. A standard costume will be provided for this purpose and will feature a huge comedy head (to be worn over the helmet), large feet and 'fat belly'. All points scored by this rider will be trebled. The kids will love it !. - Wipeout
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then they may nominate a rider of the opposition team. His points will be declared void and will be subtracted from his team's score. The team trailing may continue to do this until the deficit is less than 12 points. Points subsequently scored by the rider will accrue as normal. Riders will still be paid for points removed and these will count towards his Calculated Match Average. - Here Come the Belgians
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then the team manager will be given access to the public address system. He may then call out "Here Come the Belgians" and track an additional two riders in the next race. These additional riders must be Belgian by birth or possess a Belgian licence. A pool of Belgian riders will be available at all Premier and Elite League meetings and the team manager may select any two riders from the pool. The Belgian riders will start 10 metres in front of the tapes (thus introducing the prospect of additional passing) and the scoring system for these races will be 5,4,3,2,1 and 0. An experiment may be undertaken with French riders in the KO Cup - see supplementary regulations when published (September). - Next Goal the Winner
If a team is more than 4 points behind before heat 15 then they can insist that the meeting is decided on a 'Next Goal the Winner' basis. Scores from both sides will be reset to zero and the result of heat 15 will become the result of the meeting. This should lead to an increase in the number of last heat deciders. - Golden Double
If a team falls 8 points behind (after heat 6) then the team manager may nominate one of the programmed riders to race as a 'joker'. The selected rider will start from his usual starting position. All points he scores will be doubled and this ruling may be used twice in a meeting.

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