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Kiwis in the Overseas Final - 1986
By Tracy Holmes

With the Commonwealth Final coming back into play this year, Larry Ross and Mitch Shirra took full advantage, qualifying to the Overseas Final, staged at Coventry on June 29. The NZ Champion David Bargh just missed out, getting through as reserve. Things only got worse however as injury prevented him from taking that spot.

On the day, with 9 to qualify to the Intercontinental Final at Bradford on July 20, Shirra overcame a round one duck to safely book his ticket. Disappointment for Ross however and a heat 15 exclusion on two minutes was fiercely protested. He was leading when Phil Crump fell. To go out like this was a painful exit indeed.


Heat 1. Doncaster, C Morton, Cox, ROSS.

2. Ermolenko, Baker, Simmons, SHIRRA.

7. Ermolenko, K Moran, ROSS, Schwartz.

8. Doncaster, SHIRRA, Tatum. Miller ef

11. Evitts, ROSS, SHIRRA, King.

14. SHIRRA, C Morton, Thorp, Schwartz.

15. Baker, Miller, Regeling. ROSS ex/2 mins. Crump f/ex

17. SHIRRA, Cox, Crump, K Moran.

19. Tatum, ROSS, Thorp, Simmons.


Sam Ermolenko 14. Jeremy Doncaster 12. Neil Evitts 11. Marvyn Cox 10. Chris Morton 10. MITCH SHIRRA 9. Kelvin Tatum 9. Kelly Moran 8. Steve Baker 7. All qualify.

Paul Thorp 6. Phil Crump 5. LARRY ROSS 5. Bobby Schwartz 5. Rick Miller res 5. Malcolm Simmons res 2. Lance King 1. Steve Regeling res 1. Shawn Moran 0.


This article was first published on 21st January 2018

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