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Kiwis in the Overseas Final - 1990
By Tracy Holmes

Our David Bargh was Kiwi in charge. Mitch Shirra had got into a bit of bother like and was unable to compete in this years competition. With Mark Thorpe also out of the loop and Gary Allan failing to qualify from the Commonwealth Final, Barghy lined up at the Overseas Final.

The venue was Coventry on June 24, with 9 to qualify for the Intercontinental Final at Fjelsted, Denmark on August 12.

Sadly, at the close of play, David went home after a nightmare innings and the New Zealand dream was all over.


Heat 2. Tatum, S Moran, BARGH, Havelock ef

6. Correy, Miller, Cross, BARGH.

9. Wiltshire, Adams, Loram, BARGH.

16. Doncaster, Dugard, Hamill, BARGH ef

19. Wigg, Knight, Butler, BARGH.


Jeremy Doncaster 15. Todd Wiltshire 13. Shawn Moran 10. Ronnie Correy res 9. Martin Dugard 9. Rick Miller 8. Kelvin Tatum 8. Troy Butler 7. Simon Cross 7. All qualify.

Richard Knight 6. Gary Havelock 6. Mark Loram 6. Simon Wigg 6. Leigh Adams 5. Billy Hamill 4. DAVID BARGH 1.

Greg Hancock Q inj ns

Reserve John Davis dnr


This article was first published on 18th February 2018

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