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Kiwis in the Overseas Final - 1995
By Tracy Holmes

This was a whole new ball game with the introduction of the World Championship Grand Prix. The Commonwealth Final was off the calendar and one place being available for a Kiwi in the Overseas Final.

Mark Thorpe did not ride in the NZ Final, won by Andy Walker, but he was nominated for the place. Now a 1st Division rider with Swindon, he was the natural selection and he did not disappoint.

Coventry was the stage on June 11 with 8 to qualify for the Intercontinental Final at Elgane, Norway on August 19. And Mark was bang on target, booking his ticket with 11 points.


Heat 3. THORPE, Faria, Werner, Norris.

5. Adams, Dugard, THORPE, Barker.

11. THORPE, Parker, C Ermolenko. Stead f/ex

16. THORPE, Manchester, Dixon, Screen

18. Sullivan, Lyons, THORPE, Crump.


Ryan Sullivan 14. Leigh Adams 14. Jason Lyons 12. MARK THORPE 11. Joe Screen 10. Jason Crump 9. Martin Dugard 9. Shane Parker 8. All Qualify.

Chris Manchester 8. Charles Ermolenko 8. Dean Barker 5. Mike Faria 4. Martin Dixon 4. Brent Werner 3. David Norris 0. Garry Stead 0.

Reserve Gary Frankum 1. Roger Shenton 0.

The Intercontinental Final however was not a happy result for Mark. Two points saw him 16th and last. But as always, he gave it his best shot.


This article was first published on 1st April 2018

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