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Kiwis in the Overseas Final - 1989
By Tracy Holmes

And again, Mitch Shirra was alone at Coventry on June 25, going for a top 9 place. Gary Allan failing to qualify from the Commonwealth Final where Mark Thorpe had been unable to line up.

And again, Mitch did the business expected of him and safely qualified for the Intercontinental Final at Bradford, August 13. Kelvin Tatum was unbeaten after four rides but was denied the winners cheque by a last round engine failure.


Heat 3. Doncaster, SHIRRA, N Collins, Davies.

6. SHIRRA, Dugard, King, Phillips.

12. Wigg, SHIRRA, Smith, Andy Grahame.

15. Tatum, Correy, SHIRRA, Miller.

17. Alan Grahame, Ermolenko, SHIRRA, Butler.


Sam Ermolenko 13. Kelvin Tatum 12. Ronnie Correy 11. Simon Wigg 11. Alan Grahame 9. MITCH SHIRRA 9. Andy Grahame 8. Jeremy Doncaster 8. Andy Smith 8. All qualify.

Troy Butler 6. Martin Dugard 6. Lance King 5. Stephen Davies 5. Rick Miller 4. Neil Collins 4. Andy Phillips 1.

Shawn Moran Q ns.

Reserves Les Collins and Bart Bast dnr.


This article was first published on 11th February 2018

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